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          2. Culture

            Our Mission
            For human health and work hard!

            Corporate vision
            Become a world-class pharmaceutical company!
            Become a world-class pharmaceutical brand!

            Corporate purposes
            Integrity and pragmatic, rigorous innovation, unity and cooperation, hard work ahead, striving for first-class technology, build international brands

            Business philosophy
            Enterprise management concept: people-oriented, integrity and harmony, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence,
            Business concept: quality first, customer satisfaction, first-class service,
            Business concept: we are always in business,
            Enterprise quality concept: the first time to do well and become a daily culture,
            Employee behavior view: compliance discipline, love and dedication,

            Quality policy and quality objectives
            Quality: technology innovation, quality improvement, build international brands, enhance customer satisfaction
            Quality objectives: customer satisfaction to 95%, a product inspection pass rate of 99%, and continue to improve the GMP management level


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